October 2022 Winners

Ponza Film Festival | 2022 Winners

Best Actor

Mohammad Sadegh Malek

“Deep Sleep”

Best Animated Film

“People and the Moon”

Younes Ghazali Kafashian

Best Cinematography

“Painting of God”

Younes Ghazali Kafashian

Best Dance Film


William Armstrong

Best Director

Lida Ansari

“Same as Me”

Best Documentary

“Female Dragon Tamers”

Damian Leibovich

Best Environmental Film

“Piranga, the Silent Hero”

Monica Veiga

Best Feature

“Nobody Loves You and You Don’t Deserve to Exist”

Brett Gregory

Best Food, Drinks & Lifestyle

“Quadrucci & Peas”

Vittorio Caratozzolo

Best Gender Issues


Pouya Aghelizadeh

Best Health & Medicine

“Chemical Industries vs COVID-19”

Vittorio Caratozzolo

Best Human Rights

“Memories of the ’33 POL’ Land”

Sussan Shams

Best Makeup and Costumes

“Painting of God”

Adel Khodakarami

Best Music Video

“Tyrannosaurus Blues”

Vittorio Caratozzolo

Best Musical Score

“I Will Return”

Ali Asghar Rahimi

Best Original Story

“Dark Shadow”

Adel Khodakarami

Best Short Fiction Film

“After December”

François Pirotte

Best Social Issues


Tony Sukumar

Best Sound Design

“I Will Return”

Kavoos Aghaie

Best Student Film

“Lifeline: The Brothers Who Hold the Same Breath”

Abdullah Şahin

Best Trailer/Teaser

“My Partner Giraffe”

Salaheddin Noori