February 2023 Winners

Ponza Film Festival | 2023 Winners

Best Comedy Film


Jan-Hinnerk Arnke

Best Culture Film

“My Seven Fathers”

Liviana Davì

Best Dance Film


Anna Brouver

Best Documentary
Best Original Score

“The Flame – The Art And The History Of Lampworking”

Emanuel Toffolo

Best Environment and Climate Film

“Talking To A Survivor”

Milena Olip

Best Experimental Film

“F R A G M E N T E D”

Ioulia Lymperopoulou

Best Feature Film

“Shades Of Day”

Vitaly Sumin

Best Health & Welfare Film

“And Outside Life Goes On”

Daniel Maurer

Best History Film

“Ci Salvarono Gli Alberi”

Elisabetta Dini

Best Makeup and Costumes

“The Monkey Head”

Cassandra Lozano

Best Music Video

“Once The Dust Settles”

Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant, Amanda Matalanis

Best Original Story
Best Short Film

“Dinner With Delivery”

Daniele Catini

Best Science Fiction Film


Luigi Bonizzato

Best Short Documentary

“The Jews Of Rome”

Graham Ron

Best Short Film


Maurizio Ravallese

Best Social Issues Film

“In The Mind’s Garden”

Matteo Balsamo

Best Student Film

“Lasting Impression”

Antoine Barillet

Honorable Mention

“On These Mountains”

Andrea Sbarretti

Honorable Mention

“Leggende Rusticane”

Lorenzo Muscoso

Honorable Mention

“The House”

Austin Caley

Honorable Mention


Théo Carrere, Thibaut Tavernier

Honorable Mention

“My Friend”

Paolo La Rosa

Honorable Mention

“Ogni Maledetta Estate”

Michele Ciardulli

Honorable Mention

“Talking To A Survivor”

Milena Olip