July 2023 Winners

Ponza Film Festival | 2023 Winners

Best Actress

“Ave Gradiva”

Lee Malka

Best Cinematography

“Ave Gradiva”

Alon Grego

Best Comedy Film


Ivan Polidoro

Best Documentary


Stefano Poggioni, Claudia Cataldi, Elena Poggioni

Best Environment and Climate Film

“Children of lead”

Martin Boudot

Best Experimental Film

“Kowloon (remix)”

Eric Filion

Best LGBTQ+ Film


Giovanni Carpanzano

Best Music Video

“Omnipotent Resolution”


Best Short Documentary

“DHL – Innovation That Moves”

Oliver Geibel

Best Short Film


Meri Dishnica

Best Short Documentary


Giuseppe Arcieri

Honorable Mention


Tommaso Barba

Honorable Mention

“Space Eye”

Kevin Mainenti

Honorable Mention

“The thousand forms of Pinocchio”

Luca Bazzini

Honorable Mention

“The way women are”

Adam Tuliński