December 2023 Winners

Ponza Film Festival | 2023 Winners

Best Animation Film


Alexander Schellow

Best Comedy Film

“La perfezione (Flawless)”

Brando Improta

Best Director

“Fallen: The Search of A Broken Angel”

Alex Kruz

Best Documentary

“About last year”

Beatrice Surano, Dunja Lavecchia, Morena Terranova

Best Environment and Climate Film

“Den siste våren / Sister, What Grows Where Land is Sick?”

Franciska Eliassen

Best Health & Welfare Film

“Instructions for crying”

Matheus Parizi

Best History Film

“Victims 2006”

Fruzsina Skrabski

Best Music Video


Hanna Elisa Arge/ Dawn Florinda Wall

Best Short Film

“Au revoir, Melograno (Falling leaves)”

Giacomo Pedrotti

Best Social Issues Film

“Moving Past Trauma”

Fruzsina Skrabski

Honorable Mention

“L’Acqua di San Giovanni (St’ John’s water)”

Anna Claudia Bassani

Honorable Mention

“Inherited Shame”

Fruzsina Skrabski, Sándor Kiss

Honorable Mention

“Ada The Triumph of Time and Disenchantment”

Dino Santoro

Honorable Mention

“Disabled Love”

Mehmet Tanrisever

Honorable Mention

“Fingers In Colors”

Kevin Vescera

Honorable Mention


Lorenzo Scaraggi

Honorable Mention

“We Will Not Be Silenced”

Brian Rose