April 2023 Winners

Ponza Film Festival | 2023 Winners

Best Animation Film


Krzysztof Paweł Niemczycki

Best Comedy Film

“The Blue Pill”

Francesco D’Amore

Best Culture Film

“Medicine and Magician in Basilicata (Italy)”

Antonio Molfese

Best Documentary

“The last voices of the great war”

Andrea Benato, Marco Scattolini

Best Environment and Climate Film

“Forest Rivers”

Sławomir Skupiński

Best Experimental Film

“Old New Age”

Vasco Diogo

Best History Film

“The Blizzard of Souls”

Dzintars Dreibergs

Best LGBTQ+ Film

“L’ultimo saluto”

Vincenzo Palazzo

Best Music Video

“Keep Me Afloat”

James Farrell

Best Original Score

“Past Future Journey Nile”

Mike Mannetta

Best Short Documentary

“La Lixeira (the dump) – the invisibles’ dignity”

Guido Galante, Antonio Notarangelo

Best Short Film

“Interno 5”

Siddhartha Prestinari

Best Social Issues Film

“Leaving the Factory”

Alessia Crucitelli

Best Student Film

“Dog Tags”

Charis Phelps

Honorable Mention


Marek Stokłosa

Honorable Mention


Richard Bitangcol Tolentino

Honorable Mention


Sergey Spirin, Andrei Beresnev

Honorable Mention

“Medèn àgan – Nothing Beyond Measure”

Alessandro Negrini

Honorable Mention

“Tides – A History of Lives and Dreams Lost and Found (Some broken)”

Alessandro Negrini

Honorable Mention

“The Lost Keys”

Christine Diegler